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Standard blinds are designed to shade larger areas such as entire windows, glass-cases, facades. They are installed by invasive application of appropriate screws. Thanks to a 25-mm-diameter-tube used, a blind can be even 250 cm wide.

Mechanisms available in: white.

Mini blinds are suitable for non-invasive mounting on a window sash, on hooks with some additional lining. Thanks to a 17-mm-diameter-tube used, mini blinds are small in size, they are lightweight and look elegant on the window.

Mechanisms available in: white, brown, white with a string, brown with a string.

The Day & Night systems are characterized by high decorative qualities. Modern and innovative solution allows for partial or total darkening of the room.

The blind consists of two pieces of fabric with a distinctive design also called zebra, allowing moving of the horizontal stripes in relation to one another from daylight to total blackout.

Systems available: standard (mounting on a window sash as well as through invasive installation above the window to shade larger areas), Mini White (on a window sash), Mini with a string in white and brown (on a window sash).

Pleated blind is a modern system of protecting rooms from excessive sunlight. This systems allows a few types of control: from the bottom, from the top, but also from both the top and the bottom. They are suitable for roof windows, triangular, trapezoidal, or even semi-circular in shape.

Installation methods: Invasive (screwed into the glazing bead – profiles’ available in colours: white, beige, brown, anodized silver, anthracite, golden oak, walnut. Non-invasive (mounted on hooks stuck to the window frame) available in white

Louver systems are ideal for everywhere you need a good control of sunlight in the room. Aluminium, wooden and bamboo systems are available with fins from 20 mm and 50 mm. They can be mounted on a window sash or fixed to the wall above the window, covering larger areas.

The blinds system built in PVC cassette with guides which allows non-invasive installation, glued to a window sash. Wide choice of the cassette’s colours meets the requirements of even the most demanding customers.

The system of external window covers is a novelty in our offer. When we use a mesh, it can be used as a mosquito net, and with the Screen fabric, it is a very practical protection against the sun and high temperature on summer days.

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DeCORI is a thriving company which, thanks to its modern products and unique approach to Customers, has become an important producer in both domestic and foreign market.

Our employees’ experience ensures high quality production and professional technical support. The goods offered by us are sold through a network of specialist wholesale and retail centres in Poland and abroad.

We produce and sell blinds, pleated blinds, louvers, shading systems and we distribute other interior decoration elements. We keep introducing new innovative solutions corresponding to the latest European trends and that is why all our products are modern and functional. Our varied assortment will satisfy even the most demanding Customers.

In order to meet our Customers’ expectations, we keep an eye on new trends in material design and interior decoration, we also purchase modern fabric patterns for our blinds’ production.

DeCORI products are characterized by careful finish, easy installation and high-quality materials manufactured by reputable companies in Poland and abroad.